Mindfulness online course

By Luotain Consulting Oy

Mindfulness online course

Price: 240 € incl. VAT

Length: 8 weeks

Regular exercise has been studied to relieve many stress-related body symptoms and e.g. sleeping problems. Mindfulness has long been of interest to brain researchers. Long-term practice has been found to affect e.g. electrical activity of the brain as well as cortical structure, autonomic nervous system function and hormonal functions. As we change the way we respond to sensory stimuli and thoughts, new nerve connections are activated in the brain. The training has a positive effect on e.g. the frontal cortex, which is a key area in the conscious handling of things, the ability to concentrate, the handling of emotions.

Mindfulness has been researched to be an effective method for relieving stress and increasing well-being.

The course consists of an 8-weeks of materials. The course includes practical exercises in the form of audio recordings and videos. The course provides information and tips for everyday life. Each week of the course has several exercises related to the theme of the week.

Course contents

Week 1 – Mindfulness: What, Why and How?

We begin by taking a look at what mindfulness is and what it is not, what it means to practice mindfulness, and why a practice like this is beneficial for us. We start practicing The Body Scan, and you are also invited to start to notice opportunities for mindfulness in your everyday life.

Week 2 – Research-Based Benefits of Mindfulness

There is an extensive body of research behind this practice, and nowadays neuroscientists are increasingly interested in what happens in our brain when we practice. On the second week, we take a look at what science has found out so far about the benefits of mindfulness and introduce a new practice, Mindfulness of the Breath.

Week 3 – The Two Modes of Mind: Doing and Being

The mind’s tendency to be constantly thinking and analyzing is not always helpful to us. While mindfulness is not about emptying the mind of thoughts, it can help us move to a calmer and more aware state of being. This week’s new practices are a short practice of 3-Minute Breathing Space and mindfulness in movement, Mindfulness Yoga.

Week 4 – Exploring What Is As It Is

Mindfulness can help us notice how our habitual ways of reacting with either attachment, aversion or indifference often cause us unnecessary suffering. Practice helps us to develop a wiser relationship to our experience. This week, we’ll start practicing with a slightly longer sitting practice, being mindful of the breath, body, sounds and thoughts.

Week 5 – Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Mindfulness is not only something to be practiced at a specific time or at a specific place. In week 5 we explore the various practical ways to be more mindful in everyday life. Also, you will learn how to practice mindful walking and mindful eating.

Week 6 – Mindfulness and Emotions

Emotional balance is important for our health, and mindfulness can help us cultivate it. In this week’s teachings and practices we explore how we can meet difficult emotions wisely and cultivate positive mind states.

Week 7 – Mindful Self-Compassion

Self-compassion means treating ourselves with the same kind of kindness and care as we treat others. It is a skill we can develop, and one that has many benefits, both for ourselves and others. In week 7, we take a look at the components of self-compassion and give you some simple ways to start practicing it.

Week 8 – The Rest of Your Life

On the final week of the course you are invited to reflect on what you have learned on the course and what you want to take from it to your future, and you will get instructions for establishing your own practice. The last new practice on the course is the practice of loving-kindness, cultivating goodwill towards all living beings.

Coaching begins as soon as you sign up for the course and you can attend the training at your own pace. Education is suitable for everyone.

Ask for more info: Training Coordinator Markus Pusa 040-0419865


Mindfulness online course

By Luotain Consulting Oy
240 €
Incl. 24% VAT

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