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Campwire provides you with the easiest way to reach your customers — no matter where they are.

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Create spectacular online courses

Make premium class online courses without technical know-how or graphic design skills. Focus on where you are best at and what your customers want to pay you for.

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Let your customers use the device they want

Campwire has been optimised to work with different mobile devices and big screens alike. On Campwire, over 65% of users use either a phone or a tablet.

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Schedule content delivery

Start your course on a fixed date or let your users progress at their own pace.
Release individual content at the time of your choosing — or all at once.

Painless course selling

Create a checkout page with a few clicks. Get a receipt and notification instantly after sale. Your customer gets instant access and a receipt after purchase.

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To the point discussion

Guide discussions to revolve around a specific theme or content.


Your data
is safe

Your courses and contents are securely saved in the cloud.


Campwire utilizes secure connections in all data traffic.


Campwire is always up to date. No need to download and install updates.

Let your customers
decide how to buy

Choose from online bank transfers (Finland only), card payments or installment payments (with cards).


Campwire always uses a secure connection. Every attendee has a personal account so outsiders will never gain access to your content.

Automatic notifications
for new content

Set up automatic notifications with custom messages and branding. All attendees get an email when your new content is available.

Copy a course

Want to base a new course on an old one? Copy entire course or just parts of it and get a flying start.

Praised support

You're always just one message away from our praised customer support. We're dedicated to your success.

Sales reports

Download sales reports for accounting. When selling in Europe, Campwire makes sure that VAT percentages are calculated according to latest EU regulations.

Unlimited content

Enrich your course with wide variety of media. Campwire doesn't limit the amount of videos or images you upload.






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