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Convert your readers or followers into paying customers with Campwire eBooks. With a compact eBook you can give your followers a sample of your expertise. A low cost eBook is a great introduction into your more profitable products like online courses or consulting.

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Sell eBooks easily

Transfer your expertise into a book form using your favorite word processing software, upload an exported PDF into Campwire and set up an eBook sales page without any technical know-how.

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Add videos and attachments along your eBook

Sometimes things are easier to explain on video. You can add videos, audio files, a workbook or any other support material with your eBook. Total attachment size is limited to 200MB.

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eBook downloads with any device

Campwire has been optimized to work with different screen sizes and devices. Your eBook customers can download their book on any device without technical hassle.

Sell your eBooks easily

Create a sales page for your eBook with just a few clicks. You'll get a purchase receipt immediately. Your customer gets a receipt and immediate download access to his/her eBook on Campwire.

Your eBooks and attachments are securely saved in the cloud.

Campwire utilizes secure connections in all data traffic.

Campwire is always up to date. No need to download and install updates.

Let your customers
decide how to buy

Choose from online bank transfers (Finland only) or card payments.


You're always just one message away from our praised customer support. We're dedicated to your success.

Sales reports

Download sales reports for accounting. When selling in Europe, Campwire makes sure that VAT percentages are calculated according to latest EU regulations.