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By FinnOppi Oy
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Privacy Policy FinnOppi Oy

Privacy Policy and Terms FinnOppi Ltd.


Your privacy is very important to us. We only collect and use your information to provide you with the best possible services. This Privacy Policy and Terms describes what personal data we collect about you and how we use it, the choices you have about your personal data as well as the Terms of subscriptions to our online Chinese courses.

We do not collect Personal Data without your permission, or you are not knowing about it. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy and Terms, you should not use Finnoppi Websites or FinnOppi Services.

This Privacy Policy and Terms of FinnOppi Ltd. created on 2.5.2020 is in accordance with the Finnish Law and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. We may update this Privacy Policy and Terms as our business evolves or relevant legislation changes.

Register controller

  • FinnOppi Ltd.
  • Johdekuja 7, 90540 Oulu, Finland
  • Business ID: 2922757-5
  • Email: [email protected]

Person responsible for the register issues

Name of the register

Customer information register of FinnOppi Ltd.

Purpose of use

FinnOppi collects your data so that we can: process your order, subscription, and manage your account, fulfill the contractual obligations, email you with special offers on other products and services we think you might be interested in. enable and secure the operation of FinnOppi services and its further development. comply with our legal requirements, for example, accounting and tax laws. maintain customer relationships

When FinnOppi processes your order or subscription, it may send you data to, and also use the resulting information from, credit reference agencies to prevent fraudulent purchases.

FinnOppi will never sell your personal information to any third party.

Data content of Register

We collect personal information about you mainly from you when you contact us or use our services. Typically, we may receive the following information directly from you: - Name - Email address - Phone number - Address - Customer-related information, such as Order History - Results of customer satisfaction surveys or questionnaires

Basis of Personal data processing

We make sure that we always have a legal basis for processing your personal information. We may process your personal information on many or several different grounds. We process your information to enforce the agreement and meet your legal obligations. We also process your personal information based on our legitimate interest in providing our services and conducting and developing our business. We may also process some personal information with your consent.

Regular information sharing and disclosure

As a general rule, your personal data is processed by persons belonging to our company's personnel in the performance of their duties. We may also outsource some of the processing of personal information, such as the information systems used to store and process personal information. In this case, we ensure that the confidentiality of your information is maintained and that the information is otherwise processed lawfully. We may also disclose the information otherwise required to fulfill our contractual obligations or as required by law or competent authority. We may also disclose your information if we are involved in a business or business transaction.

In some respects, the subcontractors or servers on which the data are processed may be located outside the EU / EEA. Otherwise, we will not disclose personal information outside the EU / EEA.

Principals of protecting the register

FinnOppi applies a high level of protection and generally recognized principals of the European Union to the processing of personal data. The handling of the register will be following with caution and information handled with information systems will be protected appropriately.

Following mechanisms and principles are used for the protection:

  • Lockings in Finnoppi’s and subcontractors’ facilities
  • Electrical security and monitoring systems in Finnoppi’s and its subcontractors’ facilities
  • Firewalls, anti-virus systems and other software and appliances protecting the information security of Finnoppi and its subcontractors’
  • Finnoppis personnel's know-how about conducting business in a way that takes information security into account.

The rights you have

  • Withdrawal of consent and correct your contact information by contacting us by sending an email to [email protected]
  • Access to or receive our services and information that you have purchased or subscribed

Purchase and user account

Your purchased course is non-transferable and may not be sold or bartered. A user account will be created for you in FinnOppi online Chinese course. The user account credentials are personal. You shall ensure that any user account credentials and equivalent information are kept confidential and used in a secure manner not accessible by third parties.

You shall immediately inform FinnOppi via email to [email protected] if you have become aware of any suspected unauthorized person who has accessed to your user account.

Course delivery

FinnOppi Course Coordinator will be in contact with you within 2 working days after your subscription to the course and schedule a trial lesson as well as the lesson hours for you. You will need to send the information on your Chinese language level, learning interests, needs, and goals to the FinnOppi Course Coordinator. A trial lesson will be delivered not later than 7 days after the subscription of the course.

A private link to access the course will be sent to you by FinnOppi via email about 30 minutes before the trial lesson starts. All learning materials are individualized and will be delivered in an electronic format to you via a privately shared link. You may not disclose any private link received from FinnOppi to any other person, may not permit any other person to participate in the course on your behalf.

You shall be responsible for obtaining and maintaining any devices or equipment and internet connections needed for access to the course and digital learning materials.

You are prohibited from making available copies of the course content on a network server or web server for use by others, using, displaying or otherwise making available the course content, or any other materials, in an electronic format that enables it to be downloaded or distributed to any third party via mobile devices or shared in any similar file sharing arrangement, or by any other means. You are also prohibited from removing any notice of copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights from any place where it is on or embedded in the course content.

FinnOppi is entitled to remove your account from and access to the purchased course with immediate effect without any refund and/or refuse if you abuse the FinnOppi services or cause any harm or detriment to the use of FinnOppi services

The course is delivered in English for non-Chinese speaking customers and in Chinese for Chinese speaking customers.

Refund policy

Subscription to the course is binding. Refunds are made only in the following case: - You are not satisfied with the trial lesson within 14 days after the subscription.

Refunds of the course fees under the exceptional situation: - Due to a valid personal health reason with a certified doctor’s official approval. In such a case a refund of max. 50% of the subscribed course fee can be made. If the lesson hours have been taken over 50%, then only the non-taken lesson hours can be refunded.

If you wish to reschedule the agreed lesson hours, please contact FinnOppi at [email protected] 48 hours before the lesson hour is due to commence.

Conflict of Terms

In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between the terms of Course Delivery and Refund Policy of this Privacy Policy & Terms FinnOppi Ltd. and the Delivery and Returns of the Terms show in the checkout page, the terms of this Privacy Policy & Terms FinnOppi Ltd. shall control and govern the rights and obligations of the seller and buyer.

Privacy Policy Campwire


This is Intoloop Oy’s (hereafter “Campwire”) privacy statement that has been prepared in accordance with the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999, sections 10 and 24) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This privacy statement entered into force on 16 April 2018 and will remain valid until further notice.

This privacy statement contains information on how Campwire processes personal data. Campwire processes personal data in accordance with this privacy statement and any applicable legislation. Please read this privacy statement carefully before using our website or registering as a user of our services.

To ensure best possible services to our customers, we must collect and process some of your personal data. However, we respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it. This privacy statement specifies the personal data that is collected by us, the principles based on which this data is processed, and the rights and influencing opportunities you have regarding your personal data.

Please read this privacy statement carefully, as Campwire processes your personal data in accordance with it and all applicable legislation. Campwire reserves the right to update this privacy statement based on need. Please visit this site from time to time, as Campwire develops its services and website constantly.

You accept that we will process your personal data in accordance with this privacy statement by using the website, our services, or our website; by filling in a form; or by contacting us. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, we will probably be unable to serve you.

The controller is: Intoloop Oy, Papinkatu 21 lh 34, FI-33200 Tampere.

For which purposes is my personal data collected and processed?

We only collect, store, and process your personal data for purposes that have been specified in advance. The main purposes are:

  • Managing customer relations
  • Maintaining customer information and usernames
  • Identifying customers
  • Producing and providing services
  • Invoicing
  • Developing, planning, and analysing business operations, websites, and Services
  • Marketing purposes
  • Responding to contact requests
  • Fulfilling our contractual obligations
  • Fulfilling our legal obligations and requirements
  • Targeting of services
  • Which personal data is collected and from which sources?

    Campwire collects information of the users when they use Campwire’s website, buy Services, register as Service users, update their profile, or use the Services. In addition, data provided by customers e.g. on online forms, by email, on telephone, through social media services, in contracts, at customer meetings, and in other situations where customers convey personal data can be saved into the data file.

    At least the following data will be collected when users register as users of our Services:

  • Name of the company (corporate customers)
  • Name of the person/user
  • Email address
  • Username
  • Password
  • In case of customers, we will also save the following data:

  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • Business ID (corporate customers)
  • Data relating to customer relations, e.g. order history
  • Campwire’s marketing register (email list) can usually be registered with using an email address only.

    When the user visits Campwire’s website, the user’s computer automatically sends certain technical and other data (e.g. IP address, browser type, and from which site the user came to the site). Campwire also uses cookies to collect data on how the user uses the website. For more detailed information, see the Cookies section of this privacy statement.

    By providing personal data to Campwire either on the forms found on Campwire’s website or in some other manner, the user accepts that his or her personal is collected, used and transferred in accordance with this privacy statement and for the restricted purposes specified in this privacy statement.

    On which grounds is personal data processed?

    We ensure that we always have legal grounds for processing your personal data. We may process your personal data based on several different grounds. We can process your personal data in order to fulfil a contract or our legal obligations. We can also process your personal data based on a legitimate interest, which is to provide our services and to run and develop our business operations. Some personal data can also be processed subject to your consent.

    Who will process my personal data and will my personal data be disclosed to third parties?

    Your personal data will principally be processed by our staff as part of their work tasks. Campwire uses external subcontractors and service providers for providing and implementing the Services. Personal data can be disclosed to such subcontractors if and only to the extent necessary. We will do our utmost in such cases to ensure that personal data is transferred and processed in accordance with this privacy statement and applicable legislation. We can also convey your personal data if we are involved in a company acquisition or an asset deal.

    The user also accepts that Campwire can disclose personal data to competent authorities if this is necessary in order to comply with applicable legislation or regulations.

    Campwire’s website and Services can contain links to other websites or contents originating from other websites. Such websites are beyond the control of Campwire and Intoloop Oy is not responsible for their contents. If the user visits a linked website, the use of such a website is covered by the privacy statement of that website.

    In my personal data conveyed outside the EU?

    Some of our subcontractors or servers that are used for processing personal data might be located outside the EU/EEA. Apart from that, we do not regularly convey personal data outside the EU/EEA.

    We ensure that your personal data is processed, transferred, and stored based on legal grounds and using sufficient protection measures.

    We have ensured that our service providers are included in the Privacy Shield programme between the EU and the United States (, the aim of which is to ensure secure processing of European data in the United States.

    For how long will my personal data be stored?

    We will only store your personal data for as long as is required by the purpose of processing or is permitted by the contract or law. However, the storage time of personal data can vary depending on the purpose and situation.

    How is my personal data stored and protected?

    Your personal data will be stored on the servers of our service provider, which have been protected in accordance with the general practices of the field. Personal data that we have collected and processed will be kept confidential and will only be disclosed to persons who need the said data for their work tasks and to our customers based on service contracts in a restricted manner. Access to your personal data is subject to user-specific credentials, passwords, and user rights.

    Is it mandatory to provide personal data and what are the consequences of not providing it?

    If you fail to provide the personal data specified in this privacy statement or do not consent to its processing, it is likely that we will not be able to provide the service or to fulfil the purpose of our operations. Therefore, we request that you do not provide us any data unless you accept that we process the data in accordance with this privacy statement.

    Users must provide Campwire correct data when they register as users of the Services or fulfil a form on Campwire’s website for some other reason. Service users can at any time view their personal data saved in the system by signing in into the Service. Users can also edit and update their personal data by signing in into the Service or by contacting Campwire.

    Are cookies used on the website and what are they?

    We use cookies on our website in order to provide users the best possible user experience. Cookies are small text files that the web server saves on the user’s terminal device. Cookies give us information on how the users use our website. We can use cookies in developing our services and website, in analysing the use of the website, and in targeting and optimising marketing. Website users can enable or disable the use of cookies from the settings of their web browser. Most web browsers allow cookies automatically. Please note that disabling cookies can restrict the operation of our website.

    What are my rights and influencing opportunities?

    Cancelling your consent

    If your personal data is processed based on your consent, you have the right to cancel your consent at any time by notifying us of this by email ([email protected]).

    Access to data

    You have the right to receive a confirmation from us on whether we process any personal data concerning yourself and which personal data concerning yourself is processed by us.

    Right to corrections

    You have the right to request that we correct any incorrect or outdated or otherwise defective data concerning yourself. You can also update any changed personal data in the Service.

    Right to ban direct marketing

    You have the right to ban the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes by notifying us of this by email ([email protected]). All emails sent by us in marketing purposes contain a link by clicking on which you can remove yourself from the email list.

    Right to object to the processing

    If we process your personal data based on a general interest or our legitimate interest, you have the right to object the processing of personal data concerning yourself to the extent that there is no such significant reason that would override your rights or the processing is not necessary for resolving a legal claim. Please note that in such a situation we probably will be unable to continue to provide services to you.

    Right to restrict processing

    In certain situations you have the right to demand that we restrict the processing of your personal data.

    Right to have your personal data transferred

    If we have processed your personal data subject to your consent or in order to fulfil a contract, you have the right to receive the personal data you have provided to use electronically.

    How can I exercise my rights?

    You can exercise the above rights by contacting us e.g. by email ([email protected]). Where required, the controller has the right to ask the data subject to prove his or her identity. The controller must react to any such requests made by the customer within the time period specified in the GDPR (in most cases, within one month).

    Can this privacy statement be updated?

    We can update this privacy statement when our operations or data protection principles change. Updates may also be required due to changes in legislation. Any such changes will take effect when we have published an updated privacy statement. Please read this privacy statement from time to time to be aware of its current contents.

    Whom should I contact in data protection matters?


    Intoloop Oy
    Papinkatu 21 lh 34
    33200 Tampere
    [email protected]

    Terms and conditions

    FinnOppi Oy (VAT number FI29227575) (online shop) sells products to private persons in Finland and abroad. We reserve all rights to change the terms and conditions, and the prices. All prices include the VAT.


    E-mail: [email protected]

    Product ordering

    The order is confirmed by using the check-out functionality in the online shop to pay for the purchase. By confirming an order, you accept these terms and conditions and product pricing. An e-mail confirmation will be delivered in case an e-mail address is provided by the time of confirming the order. The e-mail confirmation lists the products ordered and the price breakdown.


    Bambora PayForm (Paybyway Oy, business-id FI24865594) is the payment facilitator of the online shop. The Paybyway Oy is a payment facilitator authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland. The payment process is conducted in the online service of the Bambora. Bambora or Paybyway Oy is shown as the payment received in the bank account listing and in the invoice. Paying with Bambora is safe. All information is exchanged through secured connections.

    The trade happens between the online customer and the online shop. The online shop is responsible for all obligations related to the trade.

    Read more about Bambora:

    Payment methods

    With Bambora PayForm you can pay your order by an internet banking account or a payment card (credit/debit). The following payment cards are supported: Visa-, Visa Debit-, Visa Electron-, MasterCard- and Debit MasterCard payment cards.

    Contact Bambora PayForm

    Bambora PayForm, Paybyway Oy (business-id FI24865594)
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Telephone: +358 29 300 5050 (workdays 9-16)
    Address: Laserkatu 6, 53850 Lappeenranta, Finland

    Delivery and returns

    The customer has a right to change or return ordered products during 14 days of receiving the order. The changed and returned products must be unused.

    If you wish to change or return products, please contact our support ([email protected]) for instructions. Please attach your name, contact details and your bank account number for receiving the refund.

    The customer must immediately inspect the product after delivery and report any malfunctions, defects or other issues with the product and report them to the seller without delay.

    Safe transactions
    14-day Money Back Guarantee
    Campwire Protects your Privacy
    Your Information is Secure
    Want to know more? Contact [email protected]